February 8, 2006

Of Hutus and Tutsis

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One word can tell you what Hotel Rwanda is all about, Genocide. One line can tell you what Hotel Rwanda is all about, When the whole world closed its eyes, one man opened his arms!!!

A perfect portrayal of the audaciousness and benevolent-cunningness of a Hutu moderate to save the lives of his kiths and kins, neighbours, and refugees from a brutal massacre by an organized Hutu militia. Aw shucks! It again reminds humanity that man is good; but, men are bad!

Terry George is for sure a master of his craft for a splendid reproduction of a real incident—genocide; not to mention the acting of Don Cheadle—a masterpiece. If Don plays the Hero, the story plays the heroine. Yep! This film would have been a flop if George had let the story fizzle out in an attempt to over emphasize the commercial aspects like adding special effects or high-tech fight sequences. It’s a job well done by Terry George and his team and he was successful in creating a lasting impression on the audience about the cruelty and bitterness of racist-hatredness and genocides.

A few questions belch out from my mind when I see the indifference of the so called super powers at a time when a hostile faction ransacks, rapes, and kills tens and thousands of innocent people of a particular ethnic group. When the whole world slanted towards the Indian minorities for what happened at Gujarat, why did they hand over their shit to the Rwandan Tutsis—a minority ethnic group? It’s not a perfect world…If it is, it’s not a world!!!

Is it possible to live in an idealistic and perfect world? Is it possible to live in an all-equal mutually-respecting world? Are all humans equal? Of course, the ideal answer should be yes. But, is that answer enforceable and is that equality prevalent in practical world? Why then did communism fail? Are people not willing to be equals? Or are people not equals at all? Why such genocides and holocaust? Why such hatred? It again boils out to the same list of answers; social imbalance; the gap between the haves and have-nots; suppression; oppression; discrimination; sadist-racism; blah blah blah… All said and done, one word I can wish for such genocides—never again!!!

“Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.”—Nelson Mandela


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