February 15, 2006

The Sang(u) Parivar Sacristans

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When love spreads all around and when millions rush to catch up with their soul mate, there were a few bigots who bullied them for showing and sharing their love. The so called saviors of the Hindu culture: the Baj(ji) Rang Da(a)l and its allies did pose threat to V-day celebrations in the name of saving Indian culture. It sounds so cynical.

This is why in recent times Hinduism is often associated with a band of few hardliners who claim that they are the watchdogs of Hinduism and Indian culture. The bottom line field workers of these watchdog organizations are used to stooge for their NETAs who paint saffron to all their obscure outdated thoughts and practices, which they want others too to imbibe.

Commercialization, westernization, against Indian culture, blah blah blah… These are few buzzword barricades they use to bully people from moving ahead with radical practices. Commercialization—let it be. If Diwali can make the garment industry’s corpus to swell, why not V-day make Archies’ treasury to swell? Why isn’t there any cry when there’s a huge hype over celebrating Akshaya Thrithiyai? Is it not an exploitation of people’s superstitious beliefs through focused marketing campaign that tempts people to buy gold on that day to bring their share of fortune home? Why not these watchdog peek into such irrational practices and guide the Hindu mass to its well being?

Well, it’s to the merit of any civilization and culture to be more agile and tolerant with changing times. To their dismay, things are happening the other way. Keep in mind that anything new in this world will first be ignored. Then will be laughed at. Then will be fought with. But, victory is yours if you stay committed to what you believe. So, guys… love all and love sensibly; not only on V-day, but forever.

Shucks! So much love at hand but no Visa to Venus… 😦


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