March 14, 2006

A humble hankering

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On a fizzling out weekend when I sat before the idiot box in solitude, the moments of loneliness wiped off the dust and replayed the tunes of some of my wishful thinking at the back of my mind. A wishful thinking for something I have ever wanted to be true and become a reality—a home, sweet home of my taste; A tranquil lifetime in a home on the shores of a deserted beach far from human traces and nuisance and not so far from an estuary with tranquil waters flowing into the sea. 

A drowsier Sunday morning in such a home sweet home, when the lazy Sun too skips its schedule, a sip of coffee in the shades of casuarinas; I would be lying under the sky in a hammock, watching the fiddler crabs coming out and burrowing under the sand twisting my coffee coaster, the sea gulls making their way to my sight and capturing my senses as easily as the hues of the sky and a feeling of not to let even a moment of that Sunday pass on;  with all this, what could add more fun and romance than an impeccable pretty sweet face lying by my side making all of her glib talking to fiddle my drowsy mood to make my day and well, to call it a day.

My (not so…) humble hankering would ever become true? 😦 Well, if not a lifetime in such a home… ???? … after all beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

manasa thethikka vendiyathu thaan.


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  1. May be here i see some realistic dreams! Realistic dream? an oxymoron! Ya, reflecting the mentality of people these days who want to be away from the place where they are. Why is this dissatisfaction with the present situation and hankering for such a state? dont know the answer! never dared to search answer for that coz its painstaking? Even me too had been in that state of dissatisfaction and tried to satisfy with such wishful thinking! so a typical practical man’s ray of thoughts blog post!

    Comment by Rini — March 15, 2006 @ 4:03 am

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