I am…

…not too technical, not too scriptural; sometimes technical and sometimes scriptural; sometimes fallacious, sometimes logical; sometimes paradoxical, sometimes… ooof!!!! let me complete this list of sometimes later…to KISS, I am Mahendran Jayavel (a.k.a Mahen a.k.a Ashok). btw KISS stands for “keep it short and simple”. Dont think the other way around you bad-brained….Grrrrrr!  


technical writing

working for

Brooks Software (a division of Brooks Automation, Inc.)


post graduate in information technology and management


Computer Human Interaction-South India; an SIG of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

Technical Writers Of India (TWIN)


Reading books, traveling, blogging, and listening to music

Wanna know more about me??? Google-search my name “Mahendran Jayavel”. You would hardly get any information. So, better ask me ;). Anyways, rave or rant your thoughts to, if you want to; yours could make sense too.


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