February 24, 2006

Got to see the way…

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… to see her right away.

I ran my love aground
Stranded in the dark
Got to see the way
To see her right away.
I don’t know how to go
I don’t know where to go
Can someone tell me how?
Can someone tell me how?

When she tries to be
the way she wants to be
Why can’t I too be
the way I wanna be???

Help me my friend
Help me to sing my song.
It’s a long and lonely night
I need her to hold me tight.
I ran my love aground
Stranded in the dark
Got to see the way
To see her right away…


February 3, 2006

some of my scribblings

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A game in the jungle

In moments of struggle alone in a battle,
Though you feel stranded, as if in a jungle,
It’s a game in the jungle, with beasts all around,
And the rule is to hunt, if you want to live around.
Though cowed down with failures,
Try not to lick your wounds,
But get the pains on your head,
Before you settle on your bed.

As roads to success may not always well made,
Take the time to settle on your shores,
And build your ship to see new shores;
Its the present that makes you blued,
But its the future for which you stay glued.

When seeing the unseen becomes your trade,
Tradeoffs can in no way help your trade.
Don’t turn blue, when you lose your cart,
For you have got your foot still to start.
Buzz with the energy to fight the deadly beast,
For it’s a game in the jungle, and the rule is to hunt.
When you build your might, you will win the fray,
And if you choose to run, you will end as prey.
Remember, it’s a game in the jungle and the rule is to hunt.

A girl in my dream

It’s between a dawn and a dusk,
head on my desk,
dead are my mind,
the work I should mind…
though I tend to work,
my lids tend to sleep.

A girl in my dream,
one from the cream.
a dream that’s so rare,
which wasn’t a nightmare.
She passed by me
and made my self freeze,
had no doubt in me
she was a passing breeze.

With a will in my day,
I walked through the bend
on her way till the bay,
to see a face…
that’s filled with gay.

As I rushed so fast,
I left her go my past.
In a dream not so bright,
amidst the dim dull light,
when I turned to my right,
it’s the same face so bright.

The moment I cherished,
when my dream now got perished.
In my damn dumb terminal,
again a day full of work.
Let me wait for a dusk,
till my head is again on my desk….
to see my girl in my dream
who’s one from the cream…

 A word of comfort

In all my days and my years,
in my life till the end,
‘tween the sand and the sky,
a word of comfort for my ears.

Of all the words, new and old,
it’s a word that’s so unique.
it’s a word that taught me life,
my first word indeed, in my life…


Yes! In all my times, good and bad,
it’s a word of comfort for my soul…

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